Brand Marketing Workshop 16th January 2019

Business Content Marketing Seminar

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This is to inform that I’ll be conducting a very comprehensive workshop catered for entrepreneurs and marketing planners on how to be prepared in marketing for 2019! Apparently there are approximately 79% SME entrepreneurs fails because of poor planning in marketing. They either rely on the myth called ‘free marketing’ or free social media marketing.

These got to stop! If you’re looking into the same situation, then I urge you to consider to sign up for this event. This is not an up-selling program where you’ll be going through a preview of the big topic. This is the LIVE event where you can literally sit and plan your marketing works with us.

I promise you a great marketing direction!

The outlines are as follows ;

  • Problem Statement 2018. We’ll have a glance on all the issues we faced commonly in the year 2018 that we should acknowledge before moving forward. If you’re participating in the brand marketing workshop, please write down and bring these points forward on the event day.
  • Brand DNA Establishments. The elements of branding among SMEs are still not up to the required standards, and not giving enough seriousness to it. Brands are created, but functionally not fully created for better business.
  • Customer Management Strategy. The realisation of corporates in their customer management strategy is very poor. This segment will help you to discover all our doings, and what needs to be done to ensure customers brings you more business organically.
  • Advertising & Media Strategy. This is very important session. Getting things wrong here is just like having a beautifully wrapped gift but not giving it to the right person! Discovering the strategic elements of media planning and eventually your ad strategy will make a huge impact in business.
  • Develop A Marketing Plan 2019. This is where you will be drafting your marketing plan, live. Very and the most important session for the day.
  • Measuring Marketing ROI. One of the biggest mistake marketing today always do is never measure the outcome of all their marketing efforts. Perhaps, this session will allow them to be rationally ready and measure outcomes effectively.
  • Brand Trend Predictions 2019. This is a special one from me. Based on The PK Theory, I will be sharing my predictions on what will be the trends that you should be aware of just like other brands out there in Malaysia. Stay tune for this one!

What are the key takeaways?

  • You’ll get your Brand re-established based on the DNA checklist that will ensure the impact in all works are higher.
  • You’ll be given a Marketing Plan Worksheet that you will be using to draft your marketing plan.
  • Predictions on Brand Trends that allows you to be part of the latest Branding Arena.
  • 60 Days FREE Access of PBMW Media Library. This is where you can still my team’s assistance in giving you a very comprehensive evaluation report on the effectiveness of your brand planning a media strategy through that respective media proposal.

So, feel free to contact Alex at +6011 6553 9266 for more info or can register with the given link.

RISE 2019!


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